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I pretty much always over did it with the drinking each December. Not only is it Christmas, but it’s my birthday month, as well as several of my very close girlfriend’s birthdays as well. There were A LOT of parties (pre-covid of course) and I always always ended up getting sick because I was so run down at the end of the month.  By Christmas Day I was SPENT and most years I would decide to take a break in January from drinking. Most of the time I could take the 31 days off, but when February 1st hit, the vicious cycle continued.  

By February 1st I would feel as if I had deserved to go back to drinking again and so the nighty at-home wine nights would continue, and so did the nights out. I didn’t adopt healthier habits, my drinking over all hadn’t decreased. I didn’t learn anything from my month off of drinking. I just want back to my old habits. The exhaustion and illness soon followed but I would just drink through it.  

You probably feel like you could use a month off of drinking in January. But what I have learned is that to make lasting change with your overall relationship with alcohol, you have to work on your mindset and examine the reasons behind your drinking. 

Are you scared that you’ll commit to a Dry January but that everything will go back to the way it was on the 1st of February?  I get it, I’ve done it. I’ve been there. But 2022 doesn’t have to be that way.  

2022 can be different! 

2022 can be the year you commit to working on yourself and your drinking mindset! 

2022 can be the year that your relationship with alcohol changes forever!!! 

Taking a 30 day break from alcohol is always a great idea, but if you’re doing it without any sort of support you won’t make lasting change to your old habits.  Without support you WILL fall back into your old drinking routine. Without support nothing will change. Isn’t it time to get off the nightly wine-merry-go-round and FEEL BETTER EACH DAY!? 

The Love Life Sober Dry January 2022 Course

 I created my Dry January program so that you won’t just clock a month off of alcohol, you will adopt better healthier habits for the rest of the year, and for the rest of your life. The program gives you daily videos, lessons, and tactics to help you dive deep into your beliefs about drinking and then making lasting change.  You’ll also get access to a members-only community (not Facebook), if you’d like to connect to other woman out there and give each other virtual high-fives along the way.  

I’ve put almost everything I’ve learned up to this point in an easy to follow along self-study course, and it’s only £99. Hurry! Enrollment closes in 10 days on December 31st! 

You can book the course here.

The Love Live Sober Dry January 2022 VIP Package (3 Spots only!) 

The second option is for those of you who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. You are READY for LASTING change and you’re ready to invest in yourself.   I offer the entire Dry January course and the private community with 4 bespoke one-hour coaching calls in this exclusive VIP package.

These calls are truly transformative as we can work though your specific struggles alongside the course material.  I’ve already sold some of these slots, and I’ve only got 3 left so if you’re interested in the VIP package, please do reach out ASAP as those spots will sell out!  

You can book a FREE discovery call here to learn more about the coaching package here.


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