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What are you waiting for? (No, but seriously.)

I want to ask you FOR REAL- what are you waiting for to take a break from drinking?

Are you waiting for your drinking to get worse?

Are you waiting for a rock-bottom type moment where you think you’ll find clarity because then, hey, then you’ll NEED to stop drinking?

Are you waiting for a relationship to break down or for a friend to mention to you that you have a “problem”?

I know I stayed trapped in my drinking because I didn’t think my drinking was “bad enough”. On the surface my life looked pretty great. I even had a friend say that to me – “But your life looks so fabulous- why stop?”

(Well I have a ton of reasons why drinking does not equal fabulous but that’s not this blog post.)

What are YOU waiting for? Is it because other people would never know that drinking is holding you back?

Are you waiting for a future version of yourself to show up and rescue you? I have good news- that woman is YOU lady!

So let’s reframe this.

Ask yourself these questions instead of “am I that bad?”

“Is wine holding me back?”
“Do I feel my best?”
“Could I feel better and have more energy without my wine?”

If you’re drinking today, science proves that in 5 years you will likely be drinking more. That’s tolerance. We don’t drink less over time, we drink more. That’s because alcohol is insanely addictive. So if you feel crummy today, you’re going to just keep feeling worse as the years go on.

If you feel icky now, imagine what that’s going to feel like when you’re eventually drinking twice, three times what you’re drinking now? Sure maybe that will take some time, but why wait to get to that point? Why wait to feel worse and worse and worse?

Why wait to feel worse? Let’s start TODAY!

There are TWO ways to start. You can either try my 30 Day Booze Break Course, which is a self-study course where you get video lessons each day OR you can start with 1:1 Coaching.

If you’re not sure which to choose, hop on a quick free 30 minute call and we can chat about what’s best for you.


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