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A lot of my clients come to me in the beginning worried that life without alcohol will be no fun. I get it, I’ve been there. I had zero idea how a life without alcohol could be fun.

From a very early age we are taught that we need alcohol to have fun and celebrate. You can’t even go to a child’s birthday party anymore without alcohol being present. But what if I told you that a life without alcohol is so much more fun, and that when I look back at my drinking days, I now realise that drinking made me boring in so many ways.

First off, drinking made going out boring. When I was drinking the activity was the same. I would meet up with a group of people for drinks, sometimes just girlfriends, sometimes couples- and drink. Sure the venue may have changed, but it was the same activity- try to get as many drinks in myself as possible. If I was meeting friends for lunch or dinner, I couldn’t care less about the actual food, all I cared about was the drinking. BORING!

Drinking made connecting with friends boring. When I would meet up with girlfriends, the conversations would often be similar and after a few glasses I would start repeating myself. We would have similar conversations every time we went out because I couldn’t remember what we had spoken about. I would never truly connect with my friends because I wasn’t listening (because I was too concerned about you guessed it- the drinks!), and I was repeating myself over and over. How boring is that.

Drinking also made travel boring. I absolutely love to travel, but I have actually ruined trips because I was more concerned with getting all of the drinks in, instead of actually seeing the sights. For example, I’ve been to Copenhagen and pretty much only seen the hotel rooftop pool bar. There have been a handful of European cities that I have been to and not stepped foot inside a museum or seen what I should have, deciding to spend the trip at bars and restaurants instead. Some of these places I am hoping I will get back to, but there are some that I am sure I won’t, when I think about that I feel sad. I let drinking get in the way of me seeing and experiencing so much.

Drinking made making new (REAL!) friends basically impossible, which is pretty boring. Don’t get me wrong I’ve made a lot of friends with girls in line for the loo while hammered- those are not the “friends” I am talking about. Drinking hindered me meeting and truly connecting with new people. I have so much more energy now to stop and chat with people, find commonality with new women and make new true friends. For example, after a pilates lesson, I’ll stop and chat with the other ladies in the class and have made some good friends with women there. I also have gotten to know more moms at the school gates because I enjoy chatting with them. When I was drinking, I was usually exhausted and grumpy from too much wine the night before, so unless I was out at a restaurant or bar, fuelled by an artificial dopamine spike, I would avoid people and try not to interact as much as possible. I usually wore sunglasses to school pick-up and tried to get in and out as fast as humanly possible. How boring is that?!

Sobriety has allowed me to meet new women who want to explore life alcohol-free and have similar core values to me. And outside of the sober-verse, I have so much more energy to get to know new people now, where as before, I was always rushing through my life because I was either tired, hungover or desperate to get to the next drink.

Now that I am alcohol free I enjoy so many different people, places and experiences than I did ever before. Drinking was so same-y. Same activity (drinking), same conversations, same people. This is why sometimes you’ll hear people in the sober movement talk about how their lives got so much bigger after they stopped drinking. I really feel that now, I see how small and boring my life was, and how big it has become.

Are you sick and tired of living a small, same-y, boring life? Do you want your life to look different than it does now? Do you want to live a fulfilling and exciting life? I read somewhere recently that everything and everyone on this planet is either growing or dying. It sounds sad, but I was definitely dying before. Now I really feel like I am growing each and every single day.

Take it from a girl who has travelled, danced on tables, and sang karaoke – TOTALLY SOBER-life alcohol-free is a total and complete blast!

If you’re bored of drinking, being tired, feeling hungover, and want to experience what life can be like when you live it to the fullest, I am here to help. Simply click here and take the first step to change your life FOREVER.

  1. Georgia says:

    This was really refreshing to read. I don’t like to drink very much but have always found it hard to find social activities with friends that don’t involve alcohol somehow. Your part about connecting with friends seemed really accurate to me.


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