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I know I often ask the question here, “why are you drinking” and I have found it so interesting to look at my own timeline of reasons why I drank. I also spend time with each of my clients discussing how the reasons for their drinking has changed over time. In most cases, with each new reason our drinking increased.

This is a rough time line of my drinking reasons:
College : To fit in, make friends, be part of the group.
Law school: To help with stress.
Becoming a mom & parenting: To cope with long days and as a reward and because #mummywineculture.
& then when my mom passed away I was using alcohol to numb out sadness and pain.

Over the course of my life my reasons for drinking changed, and as they changed they increased. (Because, tolerance!) I can also see now (after putting in a lot of thought to this) that the drinking didn’t actually help or give me any of the things I was going to it for.

Did it help with connection in college? Well, I know now that I show up the best most authentic version of myself without alcohol.

Did it help with stress during law school? I certainly remember fuzzy mornings and now know how chemically alcohol causes not reduces stress.

Did it help with my parenting? HA!

Did it help with my grief? Heck no, I wasn’t able to process any of my emotions.

I encourage you today to think about your drinking timeline. What are the reasons you have gone to wine over the years? And with those changing reasons, has your drinking ramped up like mine did?

Each new year and new season in our life gives us new challenges and obstacles. What about facing the next phase of life with a clear head, an insane amount of energy, and feeling your best?

Has your drinking ramped up and you’re ready to take a break and see how life feels without it? You can book a free 30 minute call here and we can chat about working together in a judgement-free space of grace, compassion & support.


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