If The Benefits Of Ditching Alcohol Were Available In A Pill, Big Pharma Would Make Billions - Love Life Sober

What if I told you that there was a new supplement on the market that allowed you sleep for a full 8 hours and wake up feeling refreshed and energised.  

What if I told you that this supplement also lowered your chance of having a cardiac episode, as well as lowered your risks to at least seven types of cancer.  

What if I told you that this supplement also repaired the gray matter in your brain so that you were less likely to have Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss. I know you know where I am going with this-but let’s continue to play this game.  

This magical supplement also makes you look 5-10 years younger, helps you lose weight, and causes your skin to actually glow. If this was a supplement that came to the market today- how many BILLIONS of dollars would big Pharma  make? BILLLLLLLLLIONS. 

All these benefits (and a truckload more) are available not by taking anything- but simply by avoiding (or even cutting back) on your alcohol intake. One client of mine who had struggled with eczema her entire adult life had it completely clear, and another told me her cholesterol dropped dramatically after a few months of avoiding alcohol.  

The purpose of everything I write is just about encouraging you to get curious about this stuff and try to ask yourself these questions- because getting curious was what changed my life. 

What if your health could be dramatically better by not drinking? (It can, and it will.)  

If you told me there was a vitamin I could take that would make my skin shine and lower my risks for breast cancer, I would place an order immediately. But there was a time where I never would have given up alcohol for those reasons alone, because it had a hold on me. 

If you’re ready to question the role that alcohol plays in your life- and curious about how ditching it can improve your health, both mental and physical- I would love to chat with you. 

Many women who I speak with are desperate to have these conversations and start asking questions, but don’t have anyone in their inner circle to go to. That’s where the role of a coach comes in. Together we get to have confidential chats about what life would look like for you with less booze in it.  

I have two amazing women that started coaching with me at the beginning of the year. They both weren’t sure if they wanted to give up drinking forever, but over the course of our coaching together both have decided that they are ready to ditch alcohol for good. I have seen incredible transformations in both of them. 

You could be next! Do you know you want to drink less but have no idea where to start?! I got you! My coaching method allows you to go on a personal journey of development where you discover that alcohol isn’t doing you ANY favours, and together you get to decide if a life without alcohol is better for YOU. 

I know for a fact that you will feel more rested, more confident and more alive with a break from alcohol- what do you have to lose?!  

My diary is starting to fill up but I have room for two more clients this March.  

The first step is booking a free discovery call at this link, right here.


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