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I want to tell you about a moment last week with a client that gave me goosebumpsLiterally. 

We were chatting through her beliefs about alcohol. Like most of the ladies I speak with, she had used alcohol to cope with a difficult thing that happened in her life. I could totally relate to her because my drinking increased after my mom passed away, and I too used alcohol as an attempt to ease those tough emotions. 

She was telling me about her situation and then stopped mid-sentence and looked up at me. I could see her eyes get a bit glassy and a few tears begin to form. 

“Oh. Wow.” she said. 
“It’s not actually about the drink is it?!” 

I looked at her, smiled and shook my head. 
“Nope.” I said. “It’s got nothing to do with the drink.” 

See here’s the thing. The fermented grape juice in your glass isn’t the point. It’s not about how many glasses of that wine you have, when you have them, how often you have them, it’s not about that. It’s about why you’re drinking it. 

For me, I was drinking to numb pain and sadness. For you it may be to deal with stress and anxiety. It may be to help you sleep or to cope with children. Sometimes I used wine as a reward because heck, I deserved it! 

There are many reasons we drink. The point is not to focus on how much but why. Once you get curious and ask yourself “why do I want to have a glass of wine?”- magical things start to happen.

When you start asking those questions then you get to figure out if there are better ways to handle stress, anxiety, and grief. You get to learn better coping mechanisms. You get to find ways to solve problems, gain more energy and feel better. 

That, my friend, is what this whole thing is about. It’s not about the wine. It’s about getting to know yourself, dealing with tricky emotions, and growing into the woman you want to be! 

This is what 1:1 coaching is all about, diving deep and figuring out the answers to these questions, getting curious and starting a journey of self-development! I’d love to help you start! 

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