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I’m excited to share this new client testimonial with you!  

“The decision I made to contact Christy was one of the best I have ever made! She is one of the most passionate, intuitive and disciplined people I have ever met. 

She ‘got’ me from the start and  tailored the experience in such a way that (incredibly) my impulses towards alcohol have diminished. At the start I wanted to lose weight, sleep and have glowing skin.

I got those and more: for the first time seeing my future filled with clarity, adventure, laughter and being present with my family. If you are looking for a breakthrough I cannot recommend Christy enough.”

– Chloe, London, Mom of 2 

This testimonial means a lot to me because “Chloe” is a friend of a friend. She came to me at the end of last year and wanted to change her relationship with alcohol. She had seen my life before quitting. We had been out at parties and she witnessed the pretty, glossy front that I put on instagram. She also saw and knew of some of the pain I was going through under the surface, but was desperately trying to mask. 

She witnessed a transformation in me and was curious if ditching alcohol could help her like it helped me. Chloe nailed our first month together. She dug deep into the content, came prepared to her coaching calls with awesome questions and really did the work to learn what alcohol was costing her. 

Over the course of the month I saw her confidence sky-rocket and I’m so thrilled with the kick-ass changes she has made. 

With Chloe I was reminded that a big part of coaching  means having a friend to talk to openly and with vulnerability. Coaching offers a chance to say the things that you’ve always wanted to say but haven’t had the courage to say to anyone else. That’s when healing can begin. 

Such a big part of my coaching also involves helping ladies say “NO!” to the drinks. Once you realise you don’t want to drink anymore, the second battle is telling your girlfriends. I’ve had the privilege of helping women with this process, becasue I found it really hard and I had to work at it too. 

What are your struggles when it comes to drinking? 

Are you in a constant battle with yourself, where part of you doesn’t want to drink anymore but you seem to lose the battle with yourself and pour the glass each night anyways? 

I. Have. Been. There. 

Have you gotten to the point where you can’t even remember the last time you had a night off drinking and are wondering if some time without it could change things for you? 

I. Have. Been. There. 

Are you petrified of being the odd woman out, going against the grain and being the first lady in your group of friends to turn down the drinks? 

I. Have. Been. There. 

Wondering what the first step to change is? 

Why not book a discovery call and find out if coaching is for you.

If we don’t click, that’s cool. I will still provide you with resources that can help you. 


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