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What’s your goal when it comes to drinking?   Does it go something like this-   “I want to drink less.”  “My goal is to just drink on weekends.”  “I don’t want to drink alone at home anymore.”  “My goal is to quit.”   Take a minute to think about that goal.  Close your eyes. Repeat the goal to […]

It’s Not About How Much You Are Drinking. It’s About How You Want To Feel.

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What are you waiting for? (No, but seriously.) I want to ask you FOR REAL- what are you waiting for to take a break from drinking? Are you waiting for your drinking to get worse? Are you waiting for a rock-bottom type moment where you think you’ll find clarity because then, hey, then you’ll NEED […]

Are You Waiting For Your Drinking to Get Worse?!

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Listen, I don’t do scare tactics. I am not here to scare you out of drinking. I want to talk to you from a place of compassion because I know how overwhelming this whole discussion about drinking can be. That being said, I have realised recently that the majority of women don’t actually know the significant […]

The Health Risks I Didn’t Know About

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Let’s get one thing straight- going alcohol-free is NOT the norm. And that’s why is can seem daunting, overwhelming and scary to consider.  But if we’re scared of going against the grain, the alternative is staying staying stuck with the pack.  What’s the norm?  The norm is to go through life not thinking about what […]

Who wants to be normal, anyways?

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The “ripple effect” is one of the coolest things that I have had the opportunity to experience when it comes to life is the sober and sober curious community. The ripple effect is when one woman starts to get curious about her drinking, and she expresses her curiosity to friends or family. This gives others […]

Let’s Talk About The Ripple Effect

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Yesterday I went to Universal Studios with the children, some of their friends, and some of my family. It was a Saturday, spring break, plus it feels like people are making up for lost time from being locked down for two years and ready to be OUT! It was packed. The children were hyped up […]

Alcohol & Theme Parks Don’t Mix

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“I want to take a break from drinking, because I don’t want to go back to black out town” said one of my gorgeous clients to me recently. It’s one of the reasons I hear a lot from women I am coaching. Blackouts don’t just happen during college, they happen even to moms like us, […]

Black-Out Town

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While there was a tremendous loss of life in the last couple of years due to to Covid-19 pandemic, data is just coming to light about the number of deaths caused by alcohol which occurred during the two years of lockdown. A recent article in the New York Times reports that Americans drinking increased dramatically […]

More people under 65 died as a result of alcohol during the pandemic than the actual Covid-19 virus.

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You may have taken a break from alcohol before, and in doing so, you tried to use all your human strength and all of your willpower not to drink. I have been there, and I did the same. Why doesn’t willpower alone work?! And why does it mean that we go back to our old […]

Why Willpower Alone Won’t Work

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I got this photo from a client the other day with the text “HELP, I can’t stop eating sugar.” It’s probably one of the questions I get asked most by my clients within their first month of going alcohol-free.  Listen I get it, we were promised that ditching our alcohol meant that we would magically […]

How To Handle Sugar Cravings in Early Sobriety

10 Easy Tips To Drink Less 

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