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I used to have the same New Year’s resolutions each year. They included drink less, lose the weight I generally gained over the holiday period, and to get back into a better exercise routine. Every. Single. Year. If you’re already thinking about ways you can get healthier in 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣, I can tell you right now […]

How To Make Your 2022 Health Resolutions Stick This Time

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I pretty much always over did it with the drinking each December. Not only is it Christmas, but it’s my birthday month, as well as several of my very close girlfriend’s birthdays as well. There were A LOT of parties (pre-covid of course) and I always always ended up getting sick because I was so […]

Are you ready to change your drinking habits forever?

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“When do you get your PCR results?” We are gearing up to fly from London to L.A (where my whole family is), this week. A girlfriend and I were chatting about what we had to do to get on our respective airplanes for the holidays. All of a sudden I stopped mid-sentence… “I can NOT […]

Worried Dry January Will Be All Doom & Gloom?

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A friend recently said to me, “Now that I’ve stopped drinking, I just have SO much more mental real estate!” I loved this description so much I had to share more about it. Here’s the truth, when you take a break from drinking, you just have so much more head space, or “mental real estate” […]

Make More Room In That Pretty Head of Yours!

10 Easy Tips To Drink Less 

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