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Listen, I don’t do scare tactics. I am not here to scare you out of drinking. I want to talk to you from a place of compassion because I know how overwhelming this whole discussion about drinking can be. That being said, I have realised recently that the majority of women don’t actually know the significant health risks when it comes to drinking. I know I didn’t know ANY of this! 

Remember when everyone thought smoking was cool, then found out all of the health risks and then people wised up and realised- “hey this is killing us!”- we are at the beginning stages of this awakening. But we’ve got an uphill battle because even though there is mounting scientific evidence- the science is drowned out by pretty much every voice in our society (our girlfriends/our family/social media/TV/Movies, etc. etc.) shouting that drinking is healthy in moderation. (It’s not.) 

So I encourage you to take a deep breath and read through this list below and ask yourself two questions- Is my nightly wine worth these risks?Would I let my child consume something with these risks? If the answer is “no” to either of these questions, then I invite you to take the next step into discovering how you can break free from the addictive cycle of drinking each evening. Right, here we go…  

Alcohol & Cancer 

Alcohol is a Group 1 carginogen. Cancers caused by alcohol include: -mouth-throat-voice box-esophagus-liver-colon/rectum-breast 

Alcohol & The Heart 

Alcohol damages the cardiovascular system. Short term effects included increased heart rate and increased blood pressure. Sustained raised blood pressure is called hypertension and is one of the most important risk factors for having a heart attack or a stroke. Drinking may also weaken the heart muscle, which means the heart can’t pump blood as efficiently. It’s known as cardiomyopathy and can cause heart failure. 

Alcohol & The Brain 

Alcohol changes the chemicals in your brain.This can lead to feelings of anger, anxiety and depression. Long term alcohol use can cause brain shrinkage. 

Alcohol & Sleep

 In a 2018 study that alcohol had significant effects on sleep quality, regardless of consumption levels. Low alcohol intake reduced sleep quality by 9.3%. Moderate alcohol intake (defined as ONE drink for women) reduced sleep quality by 24%. Heavy alcohol intake reduced sleep quality by nearly 40%. 

Alcohol & Insulin 

Regular drinking can reduce the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Chronic insulin resistance can lead to type 2 diabetes. 

Alcohol & The Immune System 

Alcohol weakens the immune system in both the short term and long term. A single episode of drinking can weaken the immune system for 24 hours. 

Alcohol & The Gut 

Alcohol can have a significant negative effect on the healthy bacteria in our colon, the so-called gut microbiome. We have over 50 trillion bacteria making up the gut microbiome, and chronic alcohol intake reduces the variety and number of different species of bacteria in our gut. This change is called dysbiosis and is detrimental to gut and overall health. 

Now you know… 

It’s not your fault you got here, but now you know the risks, so let’s make a change together. And if it’s not with me, I would love to help you find a coach in the This Naked Mind community of coaches.

Breaking free can be easier than you think it is, it was for me! Of the risks above- what is new information to you? I didn’t know ANY of this when I was drinking. 

Why not be courageous and forward this post to your closest girlfriend that may not know this stuff, not because you’re judging her, but because you love her and want the best for her health.  

Want to chat about this stuff? I’m here to help. Book a FREE 30 minute discovery call here and we can talk about working together.


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