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I am not proud to say that a few times when my children, who were younger than they are now, lost their teeth the tooth-fairy forgot to come. That’s because I AM OBVIOUSLY the tooth fairy and if she didn’t remember to get the cash under the pillow before glass of wine number 3, then all bets were off. 

I’m really happy to report that Santa did always make it (probably because Santa was always a team effort) but the point is, there was a very good chance, that if left to my own devices, that Santa wouldn’t remember to set up Christmas. 

Right about now half of you are thinking “COME ON, CHRISTY! For heaven’s sakes you wouldn’t forget to put out the Christmas gifts.” Maybe you’re right, maybe I wouldn’t forget the gifts, but I have forgotten to nibble the reindeer carrots and I have definitely made mistakes in the Santa charade (probably that only I would notice) when I was knocking back glasses of cabernet while rockin’ around the Christmas tree. 

The other half, or maybe even just a handful of you, know exactly what I’m taking about. You’ve forgotten to be the tooth fairy, you missed the stockings. And it makes you feel totally awful inside. 

I’m here today to tell you that the champagne is not worth missing out on ANY part, however small, this Christmas. Being present with your children during the holidays is literally the greatest gift you can give them. 

It may seem like a daunting idea to go sober for the holidays, but what if I told you that you may have your best one yet?! How awesome would it be to wake up the day after Thanksgiving feeling like a million bucks? How cool would it be to experience your kids on a different level while you’re building those gingerbread houses, ice-skating and watching your favourite Christmas movies. 

I know it sounds crazy, but to experience the holiday season with all of your senses- nothing dulled and nothing numb- is incredible. It’s like experiencing it all for the first time, in technicolour! (or whatever the latest colour technology is?!) 

And, it doesn’t have to be hard. Together we can work towards feeling fabulous this holiday season. With bespoke one-on-one coaching, using grace, compassion and a sprinkle of science, you can experience your best holiday season yet!! 

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