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Can you believe it?! We are HALFWAY through Dry January already!!!!

If you’ve taken part then here are a few benefits that you may have experienced at halfway mark:

Your Sleep May Have Regulated: While it can take some people longer to have a fully adjusted sleeping pattern, most of my clients have found that their sleep has significantly improved after two weeks of not drinking. Getting a good night sleep isn’t just about clocking the amount of hours in bed. It’s about being able to get deep, REM sleep which alcohol does’t allow. Drinking also means your cortisol and adrenaline levels are raised, which makes for a poor nights rest.

Your stomach lining returns to normal. Think that you have digestion problems or IBS? I did too. Turns out it was the alcohol screwing with my stomach lining and my digestion. You’re probably feeling a lot better about your tummy by now. If you suffer from acid reflux or heartburn – you’ve probably noticed it’s calmed down by now.

Your skin and eyes are brighter. That’s because your hydration levels have massively improved. As booze is a diuretic, you’re able to hold on to necessary water when you’re not drinking. (Not drinking is better than even the most expensive of facials or facial serums!)

Your liver has begun to repair itself. Did you know that liver disease spiked in women in their 30s and 40s during the pandemic? The amount that we drink directly effects our liver function. And you know what’s better than an expensive cleanse? Not drinking for two weeks.

Your face has started to de-marshmellow man, or de-puff. I tell all my clients to take a selfie at the beginning of their 30 day alcohol break. At around the 2 week mark you can see real changes in the puffiness in your face. This is also a direct result of being more hydrated!

If you’re 15 days in to Dry January- congratulations!!! I hope you’re feeling great and are seeing and feeling the incredible benefits of taking a booze break!

If you missed the boat, or are feeling like it’s been really hard without any support, please feel free to book a discovery call here.


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