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Let’s get one thing straight- going alcohol-free is NOT the norm. And that’s why is can seem daunting, overwhelming and scary to consider. 

But if we’re scared of going against the grain, the alternative is staying staying stuck with the pack. 

What’s the norm? 

The norm is to go through life not thinking about what we are putting in our wine glass, while simultaneously agonising over what we eat and how much we exercise. 

The NORM is to NOT question whether or not your nightly wine habit is ruining your sleep or sabotaging the ability to experience true joy while watching your daughter’s dance recital. 

The norm is to go through life always just a little bit tired, and beating ourselves up for it. 

The NORM is to drink a glass of fermented, dehydrating, cancer-causing, grape juice when we want to celebrate or “because we deserve it.” 

The norm is to drink a liquid that pours lighter fluid on our anxiety when we feel anxious.

The norm is to consume something that dehydrates us while lathering on moisturising face serum. 

Being part of the norm isn’t our fault because we have been conditioned to believe that this is the best way forward. We’ve seen our parents drink to deal with stress, our girlfriends open a bottle of wine, because, well “mommy juice, social media scream “alcohol is sexy and glamorous,” and TV/movies tell us that in order to be a kick-ass woman and have it all, you need to pour yourself a fish bowl of wine each evening.

Alcohol is EVERYWHERE, and it’s sold to us as the thing we need to be happier, prettier, a more relaxed parent, a better friend, a more romantic parter- you name it- the list goes on.

Ready to question the norm with me?

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