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I walked into my health club this week to play a game of tennis with some girlfriends. In the entry and all along corridor were balloons with signs that said “champagne night.” Apparently you could attend an evening workout class followed by a class of champagne to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season.  

A year and a half ago I wouldn’t have thought anything about this. Wine and booze is after all everywhere these days, including in gyms and yoga studios. However when you break down what alcohol actually, really and truly is, it’s ethanol. I’m not trying to freak you out or be the party pooper, I want you to know because I didn’t know! Alcohol literally has the same exact chemical components of gasoline and house hold cleaners. It is so bad for our health that mixing it with gym classes and the like makes zero actual sense.  

Gwyneth Paltrow who loves a good colonic and vagina steam will also sell you various kinds of booze on Goop which declares itself as a platform with “cutting-edge wellness advice from doctors.” Ladies, we have to giggle a bit. How can a website portraying itself to be cutting edge wellness recommend a substance that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says is linked to at leat 7 different types of cancer? How does this make any logical sense? It’s time for us to start opening up our collective gorgeous eyes and questioning this shiz!!!  

I’m clearly fired up this morning, but ladies, hear me out. As women we spend so much time thinking about what we eat, how much we exercise, do we have a gluten intolerance, shall we do keto or go vegan…. we monitor how much sugar we eat and how much sugar our children eat, but then we pour actual gasoline down our throats and wonder why we don’t feel that great? 

There is now SO much science and medical information showing us that alcohol is making us sick and tired. I stopped drinking because I wanted to feel better, and you can too! You also get to make an informed and well researched decision about this aspect of your health. We get to question what our friends and families and society and advertising is trying to get us to drink. Why are we questioning gluten but not ethanol?  

Slowly but surely more and more women, like myself, are speaking out about alcohol as a wellness topic, not just as an addiction topic. You don’t have to be near death and living under a bridge to start questioning how alcohol is making you feel, and how it is affecting your health. You can be a green juice and pilates loving mom, like me, to ask whether or not you think drinking is good for health.  

We are going to dive more into this in my 2022 Dry January course which I just opened up last night for sign ups. I wanted to make this course as accessible as I could so there are a couple of different ways that you can take it. You can learn more at the link below.  

You can learn more about my 2022 Dry January course here.

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