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On March 9 2020 I gave up drinking. It was the second anniversary of my mom’s death and I was sick and tired of feeling awful everyday. It finally dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t dealing with my grief in the proper way.  

When I made that choice, I didn’t say forever, I just knew that for right now I wanted to feel better. I wanted to start sleeping properly, I wanted to have more energy for my children, and I wanted to stop looking so run down.  I didn’t say forever. I didn’t even know what the choice actually meant for me on that day. I vowed, in the beginning, just to take it one day at a time. Each day I was simply going to get up and make the decision not to drink that day.  

I’ve spoken to several women this week that say to me, “I just don’t think I want to give up, forever.” When I tell you “I get it lady!!!” I really mean it. 


You are allowed to try on sobriety and see if it fits. You are allowed to become empowered and informed about what alcohol is doing to your brain, to your body, to your energy levels, to your relationships, all of it.  

Back when I was drinking I spent hours researching the keto diet, trying to find juice cleanses that might actually work, and would spend time trying to figure out if I was doing “enough” cardio. I never spent the time to look at what the alcohol I was drinking was doing to me, I never thought about any of the health consequences, I just kept drinking.  

When I finally did stop to question my nightly wine, I did not to commit to breaking up with it forever. And you don’t have to either.  If you’re wondering whether alcohol is taking more than it’s giving, but afraid to make any sort of commitment, I totally understand that. 

You don’t have to give up alcohol forever to take a closer look at what a break from it looks like. The most important thing is taking the very first step. Read a Quit Lit book, or listen to a podcast, or commit to a short 30 day alcohol break, or book a discovery call with me and learn more. You choose! THEN decide what you want to do after that.  

If you have no idea where to start, and need support, I’m your girl.

Let’s talk about feeling better today and maybe even tomorrow, but I promise I won’t ever ask you to commit to forever. I couldn’t commit to forever either.  

If you want to talk about what taking a support break from alcohol means, and if you’re ready to get off the nightly-wine-merry-go-round, I’d love to meet you. I promise I won’t ask you to commit to forever! 

Book a FREE, no-obligation discovery call here.


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