I’m Christy. I grew up in Los Angeles, California and went to USC for undergrad and Pepperdine for Law School. After taking the California bar exam I moved with my husband to London, UK in 2008. We’ve since made England our home and had two children who are currently 11 & 9.

I’ve worked in Parliament, started my own Social Media company and in a few start-ups.

 Like most ladies, I started drinking in college, but it didn’t seem to be an issue until later in my life, after I had children. When my mom died, too soon at only 67 years old, my heart broke and I started drinking more to cope with how sad I was.

On the outside it didn’t look like I was sad, I posted a lot of photos, laughing drink in hand- but inside I was broken. It got more difficult to function in the mornings, and I would beat myself up for continuing to drink even though it made me feel awful.

 In 2020 when the pandemic hit, I knew I couldn’t continue to drink at the rate I was going. I was afraid my children would lose their mother. I found Annie Grace and “This Naked Mind” and read her book. After a year sober I enrolled in This Naked Mind Institute to become one of their coaches.

My life without alcohol has changed so remarkably, and I want so share the joy and the gift that I have found with anyone that will listen to me.

 Thanks for being here, I am really excited to get to know you!

Hi there!

Xx, Christy

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