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March 9, 2020. I wake up with a headache, par for the course over the last two years. I reach over and grab my phone to check the time with one eye. I still have my make-up on from the night before. It wasn’t even really the make-up from the night before, it was the […]

The Day I Gave Up Drinking

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I had a client ask me – “If I am not drinking, how will I be able to escape?” I have found that this question comes in similar forms. Sometimes I hear “But how will I slow down?” Here’s the thing about sobriety. It’s actually not about what you’re drinking or not drinking. It’s actually […]

“If I am not drinking, how can I escape?”

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We are at the beginning stages of a cultural revolution when it comes to alcohol. There is more information available now than there ever was about how bad alcohol is for our health. I’m not here to scare you into quitting your wine, I am here to EMPOWER you to make your own personal decision […]

Remember When Smoking Used to Be Cool?!

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One of the biggest changes in my physical appearance I saw when I quit drinking was a brighter complexion and de-puffed cheeks. I’ve always prioritized my skincare. I get really nice facials and use good quality products recommended by specialists that I trust. But these pricey serums and medical facials didn’t hold a candle to […]

Sobriety & Skincare

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What’s your goal when it comes to drinking?   Does it go something like this-   “I want to drink less.”  “My goal is to just drink on weekends.”  “I don’t want to drink alone at home anymore.”  “My goal is to quit.”   Take a minute to think about that goal.  Close your eyes. Repeat the goal to […]

It’s Not About How Much You Are Drinking. It’s About How You Want To Feel.

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I know I often ask the question here, “why are you drinking” and I have found it so interesting to look at my own timeline of reasons why I drank. I also spend time with each of my clients discussing how the reasons for their drinking has changed over time. In most cases, with each […]

“How Did I Get Here?” A Drinking Timeline

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What are you waiting for? (No, but seriously.) I want to ask you FOR REAL- what are you waiting for to take a break from drinking? Are you waiting for your drinking to get worse? Are you waiting for a rock-bottom type moment where you think you’ll find clarity because then, hey, then you’ll NEED […]

Are You Waiting For Your Drinking to Get Worse?!

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In the beginning bit of this sobriety journey I noticed a lot of triggers that would kick-start the craving process in my brain. Some of these seemed pretty straight forward – like walking into a sunny pub garden or ending a really long hard day with the kids. Those are times that I would normally […]

Let’s Talk Triggers

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I want to tell you about a moment last week with a client that gave me goosebumps. Literally.  We were chatting through her beliefs about alcohol. Like most of the ladies I speak with, she had used alcohol to cope with a difficult thing that happened in her life. I could totally relate to her because my […]

It’s Not Actually About The Actual Wine

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Listen, I don’t do scare tactics. I am not here to scare you out of drinking. I want to talk to you from a place of compassion because I know how overwhelming this whole discussion about drinking can be. That being said, I have realised recently that the majority of women don’t actually know the significant […]

The Health Risks I Didn’t Know About

10 Easy Tips To Drink Less 

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